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Did You Violate Your Probation? Get Legal Help Today

  • By: Donald J. Matson, Esq.
  • Published: December 19, 2020
Did You Violate Your Probation? Get Legal Help Today

Probation Violation Help In California

After a crime conviction, probation is often enacted. When on probation, you need to follow strict rules, some of which can be difficult to adhere to. Additionally, if you violate your probation, you could face more penalties. Therefore, it’s vital to contact a criminal defense attorney immediately to learn more about what your next step should be.

Examples Of Probation Conditions

Numerous conditions can be placed on a defendant’s probation. Many of them may be unique to the case. However, the probation conditions that are most common are as follows:

  • Attend mandatory counseling connected with your violation, like drug and alcohol counseling or sex offender counseling
  • Avoid alcohol and drugs and submit to random drug testing
  • Wear a GPS monitoring device that tracks your location and alerts authorities if you leave a court ordered area
  • Complete hundreds of hours of community service, depending on the crime
  • Pay restitution or compulsory fines

Each probation granted to a convicted offender differs from case to case. Furthermore, probation is based on what the presiding judge considers reasonable and essential. Often, defendants find it challenging to fulfill their probation conditions. In fact, these conditions are broken without the defendant understanding that they made a mistake and did not fulfill their court-ordered obligations.

Effects Of A Probation Violation

If you have been found in violation of your probation, you could face jail time, or have your probation period lengthened. In fact, many people who violate their probation aren’t aware of how severe the punishments can be. Some don’t take the violation of their probation seriously. Nevertheless, with adequate legal representation you can safeguard yourself against accusations of probation violation and ensure that your rights are protected according to the law.
If you think that might have failed to meet your own probation conditions, or know that you have, don’t hesitate to reach out to a veteran probation violation lawyer. Whether you intentionally or unknowingly broke your probation, you face the same penalties.

Contact Donald J. Matson today for more information about how to handle your probation violation and what to do next. Take a proactive approach and ensure that your rights are protected with the help of an attorney. Call (626) 600-3437 for a consultation.

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