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Client Testimonials

“I’m a verified customer and fan of Don Matson. I’ve used his services twice over several years. He was able to get one speeding completely dismissed and the other reduced so there was no impact on insurance or driving record. Two for two! Worth the money to avoid having auto insurance increased for three years! Great service.”– Jeff B.

“Attorney Don and his team are diligent in getting the job done. They provided updates consistently, leaving me assured that I didn’t have to worry about a single thing. The court day, Don updated me with every detail. Thank you to Don and the entire staff.”– Noelle A.

“Attorney Don Matson is very personable and knowledgeable. He is very quick in his response and very efficient with his work. You can definitely trust him with your case, I highly recommend his service.”– Peter K.

“Don has been the best attorney. He is extremely reliable, honest, realistic, and someone I have trusted over years. I could not have been more blessed to have his help when I needed it most.”– Tim E.

“Let me start by saying I NEVER write reviews…..the only reason I’m writing this one, is because it is well deserved. After quite a few bad life choices, made by yours truly, I ended up in jail. Why? Well, because for one…I had a warrant out for my arrest for never appearing in court for a possession ticket I received a year prior, and two…I got into a physical argument with someone. I’m honestly glad I got Don as my lawyer. Not only was he able to get my DV case dropped to simple battery, but he also convinced the judge to give me DEJ classes, instead of a drug charge on my record, for the possession case. What I liked most about Don, is that he never gave up on me. I can’t even tell you how many times I got kicked out of my DV class, as well as my DEJ class, and had to go back to see the judge to get reinstated. Luckily, Don was always able to persuade the judges into giving me another chance. Thanks again Don! I appreciate you! -J. Villalobos”– jnicole074

“I found my self in a horrible legal situation. Went on google desperately trying to call every number that showed up on line for criminal defense lawyers.. someone must have prayed for me & sent me Don Matson, because he literally saved me from bogus charges that could of ruined my entire life.
He picked up my call on a SATURDAY, not some machine, secretary or paralegal. I spoke to him directly for over an hour. He explained to me in detail the situation, what could happen & what he could do for me. I felt relief for the first since getting arrested after talking to him. When Don tells you “I treat every case like it was me” he really means it. Not only did I hire the best criminal defense lawyer around I also gained a friend. If you’re looking Around worried out of your mind like I was. Worry no more & CALL Don. He guided me every step of the way. I never felt lost in the long process. He was always in contact with me & we always went over everything in detail before we had court. Hire Don if your situation sounds like the one I had.”– Alex D.

“I got two traffic citation,Donald and Lisa was help me dismissed both ticket!! I truly appreciate it.”– A Satisfied Client

“Fantastic! That is the word I would use to describe my experience with Don Matson. I normally am not one to leave reviews but due to the outcome of my case, I felt compelled to write this review. I contacted Mr. Matsons office regarding a business contract I wanted him to draft for me. We met virtually, due to Covid, to go over the contract and within a week the contract was finished. Fast forward several months later and I found myself embroiled in a lawsuit. To keep a long story short, it was the contract that Mr. Matson had drafted that helped me prevail in court. That contract not only helped me win my case against the other party, it likely saved me about $80,000. I would like to thank Mr. Matson for his good work and if you ever need as excellent attorney, I can think of none better than he.”– Josh P.

“I found myself in unfamiliar waters and needed representation quickly. Don gave me great perspective on my case immediately and ultimately got me the positive outcome I was looking for. During the entire process Don was incredibly responsive to any and all questions I had. I always felt like I was supported the entire process. Thank you Don!”– John C.

“Better call Don! He is amazing. He walked me through my citation and took care of everything. He is very knowledgeable and patient. He provided me with his number and answered texts in a prompt manner. His secretary Lisa is also amazing! She emailed me about updates. Don did take care of my citations and made the whole process very easy. I would not hesitate to use Don again in the future.”– Virginia L.

“Don was working on my case for 1.5 yrs and basically got me off! Hes the real deal”– Alvin N.

“Don did an absolutely wonderful job on my husbands case!! He was always in contact with us throughout the entire process and made us feel like we were his highest priority!! I would give him 10 stars if I could!!! Thank you Don Matson!!!”– Patti J.

“Excellent Attorney, was very straight to the point, knows how to get the job done and got my case dismissed!!! Highly recommend and worth the hire!!! Thanks a million Don Matson!!!”– Hitman45

“Donald Matson has always been quick to help me and my family with any car accident or injury and has got us fair compensation. He is extremely knowledgeable and absolutely hilarious. He will make you laugh, and he will represent you in the best possible way!”– Damian U.

“Don got my speeding ticket dismissed and I had to do nothing! Don kept me posted thru out the entire process via email. Don was friendly and professional during the initial consultation and put me at ease immediately. Hopefully i don’t get another speeding ticket, but if i do, I’ll definitely hire Don again!”– James N.

“Don is amazing. He’s a great person who truly cares about your outcome and will do everything that he can to fight for you. I am forever grateful. THANK YOU! We WON!!!”– Planet R.

“Argh! I’m so upset BECAUSE I wish I would have found Don sooner! When I first spoke with him he was so nonchalant it made me a little nervous. “Are you sure?” I kept asking to his constant, “don’t worry, I got it covered.” Well just yesterday I got a text saying “Case Dismissed!” Thanks Don. Highly Recommend!”– Chad R.

“Donald” is the Man. I gotta say this man has charisma’ and also a respectful and hard working individual. He has hooked me up and on my cases” and taken a load of my shoulders. If it wasn’t for him I could of lost the roof over my head and my career. Thanks Donald”😁”– Esco H.

“Donald Matson and his colleagues were professional and so kind when I needed help the most. Nelson Quintanilla was with me all the way, helping me with getting medical treatment and more. I’m so grateful that I found them. I would recommend them to anyone!”– S. Jill

“Excellent lawyer for traffic and injury cases.”– Scott M.

“The Number One…..the beso attorney”– Freddy P.

“Great lawyer humble person”– Brian M.

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