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Pasadena CA Drug Crimes Attorney

Drug Crimes Attorney Attorney In Pasadena, CA

When facing serious drug charges in Pasadena, get experience on your side

Although drug crimes are common in the State of California, they are frequently prosecuted severely, even when the person being convicted of the crime is an upstanding citizen who was caught possessing or selling a small amount of drugs.

There are serious consequences for drug crimes, including:

  • time in jail or prison
  • heavy fines
  • community service
  • court ordered drug and alcohol counseling
  • a permanent criminal record

Drug crimes in Pasadena California include:

  • Sale, possession and cultivation of marijuana without a medical marijuana license
  • Sale, possession, trafficking or manufacture of methamphetamine
  • Sale, possession or trafficking of cocaine
  • Sale, possession or trafficking of heroin
  • Possession of prescription drugs that are not prescribed to you
  • Sale or trafficking of prescription drugs
  • Possession or sale of drug paraphernalia

If you have been charged with a drug crime, you need to seek the services of an experienced attorney who knows the California drug laws backwards and forwards.

More Information

I have a number of proven successes defending my clients against drug charges of every kind, and I can help to get the charges against you reduced or dismissed entirely.

Drug charges are especially complicated, and you cannot afford to have an inexperienced criminal defense attorney on your team. I am dedicated to devoting the time and energy necessary to defend your charges.

It is my goal to see that the charges against you are cleared, and I will do everything within my power to make that happen.

Call me today to make an appointment to talk about your case. (626) 600-3437.

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