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What Is a Probation Violation Hearing In California?

  • By: Donald J. Matson, Esq.
  • Published: September 5, 2018
What Is a Probation Violation Hearing In California?

Worried About A Probation Violation In California?

Have you recently been accused of violating your probation? if so, you should be aware that there are many different consequences that could be associated with this issue. You need to be prepared to fully defend yourself if you are accused of violating your probation terms.

If you violate your terms of your felony or misdemeanor probation in California, you will need to attend what is known as a probation violation hearing or a probation revocation hearing in front of a judge. The judge can decide to revoke your probation and send you to jail, change the terms of your probation to make them more restricted, or reinstate your probation on the exact same conditions and terms.

You have a responsibility when accepting probation as the outcome of your case to comply with all relevant rules and requirements in the part of the court. If you choose to break these rules and are caught violating the probation, serious consequences can apply.

Probation in California typically comes with multiple conditions attached, including requirements that you are employed for the duration, a requirement to stay away from alcohol and drug use, a mandatory restitution fine, and the possibility of wearing an electronic monitoring bracelet. If you violate any of the particular conditions that are associated with your probation, you could be looking at a probation violation hearing.

You should have a criminal defense attorney there to protect you whether this is a misdemeanor or a felony probationary hearing. Probation allows you to shorten length of your jail sentence or to remain out of jail, but this can only benefit you if you follow all of the relevant rules. If you are accused of violating, you need to protect your future and your freedom.

Probation is one alternative to going to jail, but if there’s a strong belief that you have violated your existing probation requirements, jail may end up back on the table. Make sure you understand every aspect of your probation conditions.

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